Experience Trondheim - Trøndelag. European Region of Gastronomy 2022

Beer and food experiences at restaurant Fæby. Photo: Marius Rua

In the heart of Norway is the Trøndelag region. In addition to the city of Trondheim, Trøndelag consists of several smaller towns and many villages. The quality of the soil, the climate and the variation of the landscape contribute to the unique traits of the local produce of this region. In addition to the Northernmost Michelin Star restaurants, there are culinary gems at every corner, serving top notch, local products from both land and sea.

The European Region of Gastronomy is by no means a tribute solely to Michelin-starred restaurants, white tablecloths and tall glasses – although this is part of the overall picture. The European Region of Gastronomy is rather a tribute to local food and local specialties. It’s a tribute to a region that takes local food production seriously throughout the entire value chain. It’s a tribute to the farmers, fishermen and breeders who conjure up the most delicious produce with tender love and care in every nook and cranny of Trøndelag for the Trøndelag chefs’ society, which knows how to utilise world-class local produce in their work.

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