What does it mean to be a European Region of Gastronomy?

Cheese and drink on a tray on a reindeer skin. Trøndelag tourism. Photo: Evelyn Willmann

The organization IGCAT (International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism) awards the title to one or two regions each year. Initially, the title goes to European regions, but now it is open to applicants from other parts of the world. In 2022, Menorca in Spain also has the title together with Trondheim – Trøndelag.

IGCAT provides the Award, with the support of International and European institutions. The regions also join a Platform of awarded and candidate European Regions of Gastronomy in order to foster long-term benefits, increase international visibility and support sharing of knowledge.

Photo: Marius Rua/Buckethaus

The European Region of Gastronomy Platform

Candidate and awarded Regions of Gastronomy from Europe, guided by IGCAT, are working together with the long-term aim to contribute to better quality of life by:

  • raising awareness about the importance of cultural and food uniqueness
  • stimulating creativity and gastronomic innovation
  • educating for better nutrition
  • improving sustainable tourism standards
  • highlighting distinctive food cultures
  • strengthening community well-being

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